The new Technical Publications website was created in response to the decommissioning of the old site which was built over a decade ago for the housing and distribution of a select group of documents.


ONTARIO PROVINCIAL STANDARD SPECIFICATION METRIC OPSS 511 Rock protection and granular sheeting shall be according to OPSS 1004.

Aggregates - Miscellaneous, 150 mm in depth. The class and type of bedding  4 Feb 2020 Ontario Provincial Standards Specification (OPSS) 805 according to OPSS 1004. November 2018. Page 4 of 15. OPSS.PROV 805  TRENCH WIDTH. MATERIAL COMPACTED TO. MAX 0.0 ± 600mm.

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Excess material is the property of the Corporation and shall be disposed of as directed in City of Greater Sudbury Supplemental Specification 206. 180-01 Sign Support Structures – OPSS 915. PRODUCTS. Granular Material for Backfilling and Bedding – OPSS 902.

OPSS 1004 Aggregates - Miscellaneous OPSS 1205 Clay Seal OPSS 1301 Cementing Materials OPSS 1302 Water OPSS 1350 Concrete - Materials and Production OPSS 1440 Steel Reinforcement for Concrete OPSS 1801 Corrugated Steel Pipe Products OPSS 1820 Circular Concrete Pipe July 2006

OPSS.MUNI 182 Environmental Protection for Construction in Waterbodies and on Waterbody Banks. OPSS.PROV 100 MTO General Conditions of Contract.

Opss 1004

The Ontario Provincial Standards for Roads and Public Works (OPS) organization produces a comprehensive set of standards for use by various infrastructure owners throughout Ontario. The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) manages the publishing and electronic distribution of the OPS standards via this website, on behalf of the OPS and they are

5. Quality Assurance: Samples will be taken by the City during processing or from stockpiles for testing.

Opss 1004

Sand used to determine capture rates is from a source near Edgar, Ontario Trap waste without excessive cost. Lower the cost of pollution control by enhancing the performance of catch basins Economical Solution OPSS.MUNI 1004 Material Specification for Aggregates – Miscellaneous OPSS 1351 Material Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Components for Maintenance Holes, Catch Basins, Ditch Inlets and Valve Chambers OPSS 1850 Material Specification for Frames, Grates, Covers and Gratings Canadian Standards Association OPSS.MUNI 1001 Aggregates - General 27. OPSS.MUNI 1002 Aggregates - Concrete 28. OPSS.MUNI 1003 Aggregates - Hot Mix Asphalt 29. OPSS.MUNI 1004 Aggregates - Miscellaneous 30.
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안산오피 O P Ss (1004) 점 C O M 오피쓰 안산역키스방 안산. Ontario Provincial Standards > Specifications (Vol 1,2,5,6,7,8) > Material Requirements (Vol 2, 6, 8) > Division 10 - Aggregates > OPSS.PROV 1004  Clear Stone Type I conforming to OPSS.MUNI 1004 – Material Specification for. Aggregates - Miscellaneous, 150 mm in depth. The class and type of bedding  4 Feb 2020 Ontario Provincial Standards Specification (OPSS) 805 according to OPSS 1004. November 2018.

Bidders must have experience in the related field. Documents. Complete Tender Documents will be available by submitting the Request bid form by email to the Public Works Department. UK Biobank is a large-scale biomedical database and research resource, containing in-depth genetic and health information from half a million UK participants.
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Material Specifications . Revised November 2016 280+ Standard Specifications (OPSS) 760+ Standard Drawings (OPSD) All add up to enhancing billions of dollars of capital infrastructure in Ontario per year. Why Use Ontario Provincial Standards? Consistent and cost effective for Owners and Contractors. Easy to read and understand; Clear and concise.

19 Dec 2012 The options for channel protection are rip -rap stone such as OPSS 1004. R -50 material, and rock filled Maccaferri gabion mats or an approved.

OPSS 1004 Aggregates - Miscellaneous . OPSS 1150 Hot Mix Asphalt . OPSS 1151 Superpave and Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixtures . OPSS 1301 Cementing Materials .

Sand has to meet the “Gradation Requirements for Winter Sand” as per OPSS 1004 Table #12. Bidders must have experience in the related field. Documents.